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Practice Specialist

Location : Asheville, North Carolina
Job Type : Contract
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :

Our national healthcare client is looking for a Practice Specialist in their Asheville, NC.

Shift: Monday-Friday (8AM-5PM)

RoleSummarySupport the clinical practice by billing for patient services and overseeing medical record functions and referral processes. Provides excellent customer service and completes a variety of duties associated with daily operations and provides back up support for Practice Specialist I and II.


Essential Accountabilities:

1. Ensures cash flow by billing for patient services.

Performance Criteria:

  • Charges for clinical and special laboratory services by accurately entering data into practice software within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Ensure accuracy of coding by consulting with practitioners on unusual billing issues.

  • Support department by posting payments and maintaining change drawer according to department protocol

  • Serves as a resource on billing concerns by answering general billing questions from patients.

2. Ensures accurate medical files by overseeing patient record functions while maintaining compliance, confidentiality and the integrity of the health record by applying HIPAA, TJC, federal, state and organizational guidelines.

Performance Criteria:

  • Controls chart room by maintaining it in good working order.

  • Maintains proper records and organization by ensuring that materials are filed in the appropriate place.

  • Oversees the flow of medical record information following established policies and procedures to ensure appropriate release to healthcare providers and other pertinent parties.

  • Employs critical thinking skills to ensure the security and integrity of patient information.

3. Provides comprehensive patient care by overseeing referral process for diagnostic procedures and/or specialist appointments.

Performance Criteria:

  • Schedules tests/procedures and/or appointments for patients by acting as liaison with diagnostic centers and/or specialists.

  • Notify providers and patients of the date, time and location of procedure/appointment.

  • Accurately documents referral/appointment information in the medical record.

4. Supports department operations and coworkers by completing other duties as assigned or requested.

Performance Criteria:

1. Aids department by providing back up for Physician Practice Specialist I and II.

2. Manages workday by prioritizing activities and assignments according to their relative importance.

3. Assures control of work by calmly and efficiently managing constant interruptions from providers, co-workers and telephone calls.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

Required Education: High School or GED

Preferred Education: Associates Degree in Health Care, Business or related field.

Required License: None

Preferred License: None

Required Experience: Two years working in a healthcare setting.

Preferred Experience: Three years’ experience in a healthcare setting. Experience working with practice management software including scheduling, registration, billing and medical records.

Working Conditions: Attached

OSHA Category: No potential for exposure to blood or body fluids.

Patient Care Group: None

General Comments

MERIT Behavioral Competencies

A. Workplace Expectations

Professional Appearance: Our appearance represents our client. Therefore, our grooming and dress will reflect our respect for their customers. While on duty, they will first consider their customers’ expectations in how we present ourselves. Our manner and expression will convey our concern for and willingness to serve their customers.

Safety Awareness: Safety must be the responsibility of all our client's and our employees ensure an accident-free environment. Accidents are the result of actions and attitudes that you can help to change.

Corporate Compliance: Integrity is doing the right thing by being honest in our dealings with one another, our patients and our business contacts. Integrity is doing the right thing by maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient information.

B. Behavioral Standards

  • Etiquette in the Workplace: Workplace etiquette can create a favorable impression on our patients, visitors, and co-workers. Good manners contribute to patient satisfaction.

  • Communication: The goal of communication is understanding. We must be committed to listening attentively to our customers in order to fully understand their needs. Close attention should be given to both verbal and non-verbal messages. Our messages to customers should be delivered with courtesy, respect, clarity, and care. We must avoid confusing our customers and speak in terms they can easily understand.

  • Customer Relations: Our client believes that they are here to serve their customers – their customers are patients, family, co-workers, physicians, and vendors. Their customer's most basic expectation is to be treated with courtesy and respect. They are committed to providing the highest quality of service and meeting customers’ needs with utmost care and courtesy.

  • Working Relationships: Our employees that work for our client are linked to one another by a common purpose: serving our patients and our community. Our co-workers, therefore, are our teammates. They deserve our respect. Without their contributions, none of us could perform our jobs. Just as we rely on our fellow employees, they rely upon us. Each of us has obligations to our co-workers.

  • Sense of Ownership: Our and our client's employees should feel a sense of ownership toward his or her job. By this we mean taking pride in what we do, feeling responsible for the outcomes of our efforts, and recognizing our work as a reflection of ourselves. Take pride in this organization as if you owned it.

Required Qualifications :
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