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Practice Specialist II

Location : Asheville, NC 28803
Job Type : Contract
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :

Our national healthcare client is looking for a Practice Specialist in their Asheville, NC.

Shift: Monday-Friday (8AM-5PM)


RoleSummary: Scheduling appointments and registering patients to support the clinical practice.  Provide excellent customer service and complete a variety of duties associated with daily operations. Provide backup support for Practice Specialist I. 

Essential Accountabilities: 

1.    Support practice by maintaining knowledge of daily clinic operations and accurately scheduling patients. 

Performance Criteria:

1.    Ensureaccuratepatientschedulingbymaintainingknowledgeofclinicalresources.

2.    Complete scheduling process by obtaining patient and referral information.  Schedules appointments/procedures and ensures patient understanding of appointment details, such as date, time and location.

3.    Assure communication among staff by monitoring daily schedule and notify providers and patients of changes or updates.

4.    Support production and ability to reschedule by assuring changes, i.e., cancellations,reschedules and no shows are documented.

2.    Assure continuity of care by following clinician orders to schedule tests/procedures and/or appointments for patients.

3.    Supportdepartment by registering patients.


Performance Criteria:

1.    Complete the registration process by entering patient demographics and insurance information into practice management software.

2.    Ensure understanding of patient responsibility by explaining general billing process to patients, directing patients with additional questions/concerns to appropriate personnel.

4.    Support department flow and revenue collection by ensuring insurance referrals and authorizations are obtained prior to appointment.

5.    Work within department guidelines to provide excellent customer service with MERIT.


Performance Criteria:

1.    Answer telephone, take and deliver accurate and complete messages in a timely, pleasant and tactful manner.

2.    Maintainknowledgeofdifferentareasofthepracticebykeepingcurrentwithdepartmentalactivitiesandservices.

3.    Project a positive image of physicianpractice bygreetingcustomers ina courteous andpromptmanner.

6.    Ensure waiting roomis presentable by straightening upatnoonandat the end of the day.Supportexcellence of patientcare by telephoningto check status of patients followingsurgery/procedure.

7.    Ensures smooth operation of patient check in/check outprocess.


Performance Criteria:

1.    Check in patient upon arrivalby obtaining check in paperworkincluding patientdemographics and insurance information.

2.    Supportdepartment by explainingand obtainingsignatures onappropriate forms.

3.    Assure paperworkis complete by thorough review for correct labels and signatures.

4.    Collectappropriatecopaymentsorpaymentsforservicebycarefullyreviewingeachpatientaccount.

5.    Supports department operations andcoworkers by completing other duties as assigned orrequested.


Performance Criteria:

1.    Aid department by providing back up for Practice Specialist I.

2.    Manage workday by prioritizing activities andassignments accordingtotheir relativeimportance.

3.    Assure controlof work bycalmly andefficientlymanaging constant interruptions fromproviders, co-workers andtelephone calls.


MERITStandards of Performance


A.   Workplace Expectations

1.     ProfessionalAppearance: Our appearance represents Mission Hospitals, Inc.Therefore, ourgroomingand dress will reflect our respect for our customers.While on duty, we will firstconsider our customers’ expectations in how we presentourselves.Our manner andexpressionwill conveyour concern for and willingnesstoserve our customers.

2.     Safety Awareness: Safety must be the responsibility of all Missionemployees toensure anaccident-free environment.  Accidents are the result of actions and attitudes that youcan help tochange.

3.     Corporate Compliance: Integrity is doingthe right thing by being honestinour dealings withone another, our patients and our business contacts.Integrity is doingthe right thing bymaintainingthe security andconfidentialityof patient information.


B.    Behavioral Standards

1.     Etiquette in theWorkplace:Workplace etiquette cancreate a favorable impression on our patients,visitors, and co-workers.Goodmanners contribute to patient satisfaction.

2.     Communication:  The goal of communicationis understanding.We must be committedtolisteningattentively toour customers inorder to fully understandtheir needs.Close attentionshould be givento both verbal and non-verbalmessages.Our messages tocustomers should bedelivered with courtesy, respect, clarity, and care.We must avoidconfusing our customers andspeakin terms they caneasily understand.

3.     Customer Relations: At Mission we believe that we are here toserve our customers ourcustomers are patients, family, co-workers, physicians, and vendors.Our customer'’mostbasicexpectationis to be treated withcourtesy and respect.We are committedto providingthe highestquality of service andmeetingcustomers’ needs with utmost care and courtesy.

4.     Working Relationships: As Missionemployees, we are linkedto one another bya commonpurpose:serving our patients and our community.  Our co-workers, therefore, are our teammates.Theydeserve our respect.Without their contributions, none of us could performour jobs.Just aswe rely on our fellow employees, theyrely upon us.Each of us has obligations to our co-workers.

5.     Sense of Ownership: Every Mission employee should feel a sense of ownership toward his or her job. By this we mean taking pride in what we do, feeling responsible for the outcomes of our efforts, and recognizing our workas a reflection of ourselves.  Take pride inthis organizationas ifyou ownedit.




Required Qualifications :

Required Education:     High School diploma or GED

Required License:          None

Preferred License:         None

Required Experience:   One year experience in a customer service role or healthcare setting.

Preferred Experience:  Two year experience ina customer service role or healthcare setting.

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